"I Have Searched Far and Wide for My Curriculum to Use in My Preschool This Year And This Is By Far the Best!" -Melissa, Idaho Falls

Complete Year Preschool Curriculum Programs for Preschools, Home Childcare Settings and Home CEO "Chief Education Officers" at home. Ages 2-5. All Profits to Charity. 877-853-1552

Early Learning Curriculum

FREE 6-Week Emergency Home Learning

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Age 2-3 Preschool Curriculum

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Age 3-4 Preschool Curriculum

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Age 5-6 - Kindergarten Heroes

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Totschool Seasonal & Holiday Bundle

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Viajando Por el Mundo

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Preschool Easter Printables

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Preschool Spring Printables

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Preschool Alphabet Pack

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Alphabet Craft Printables

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Preschool Math Pack

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Alphabet Clipart Bundle

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Free Bible Study Journal

While our other products are secular in nature, this free resource is an exciting one-year Integrated Life Bible Stud...

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Fun & Engaging Complete Year Curriculum for Preschools, Kindergarten Classrooms, Homeschools & Home-Based Childcare

Language & Reading

In our totschool and preschool programs, your children will master letter recognition, letter sounds and engage in early reading, writing and vocabulary-building activities. Each week, you'll read wonderful books which we've carefully curated, and most of which can be found at your local library. Kindergarten language incudes reading, writing, work work, speaking and listening and grammar activities.


Preschoolers learn number sense, counting to 100, number sequence, basic geometry concepts and beginning addition and subtraction through progressively challenging activities throughout the school year. Additionally, your children will practice ordering, classification and sorting activities to prepare them for kindergarten.

Social Studies & Science

Social Studies and Science activities are included in our Age 3-4 and Kindergarten curriculum programs. In preschool, students explore cooking and features of different countries and earth environments. Our kindergarten program includes 45 minute daily lesson plans covering a wide variety of Kindergarten science.

Arts & Crafts

In our totschool and preschool programs, you and your children will engage in weekly themed crafts to practice fine motor skills and encourage creativity. We provide basic, easy to implement supply lists and printable templates. Basic outside art supplies are required (scissors, glue, crayons, etc), but most crafts use materials you'll already have on hand. Our kindergarten program embeds craft activities within the subjects (language, science and social studies, etc.).

Physical Education

We engage active preschoolers with different gross motor games and activities each week. Children need to get up and move! Our fun and easy activities will engage your children and give them the physical activity they need every day.

Classroom Decor & Labels

Our complete year curriculum packs include everything you need to create a visually organized and appealing classroom environment. We provide you all the printables necessary to create weekly themed bulletin boards, a circle time board, classroom centers and classroom supply labels. All our decor has a universal "look and feel", providing your home learning environment with a cute, cohesive look.