Age 5-6 - Kindergarten Heroes

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Suited for both homeschools and traditional kindergartens, it covers common core and state standards for Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and Social Emotional Learning.

Kindergarten Growing Bundle

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Kindergarten Curriculum Themes

The theme of the year is:  Heroes - Amazing Adventures of People Who Inspire.  It is broken into three Semesters:

  • Semester 1: Heroes Who Invent & Explore (13 Weeks)
  • Semester 2: Heroes Who Create & Entertain (10 Weeks)
  • Semester 3: Heroes Who Help (13 Weeks)


Each kindergarten curriculum week we'll study one hero, one character trait and explore many fun related themes your students will love!  Themes like dinosaurs and architecture and archeology and music and much, much more!

We have a mix of both historical and modern-day heroes - both ones you'll know and some who will be new to you!  We've selected these heroes for the lessons they have to offer and also the degree of difficulty that their biography is for this age.  These heroes have been painstakingly selected and you are in for an incredible journey!  We could not be more excited with these 36!

This curriculum includes fully themed weeks for all major subjects including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Social Emotional Learning, Circle Time and Daily Homework.  Life is about synergies and this curriculum program reflects that in its deeply integrated thematic design.

By the end of the year, your students will be Kids Who CanTM, Kids Who CareTM and Kids Who ContributeTMBecause it doesn't matter who you are or what your age is - everyone can make a difference.

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Kindergarten Curriculum Features

Here are some aspects of what this program has to offer:


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Kindergarten Math Curriculum

In Math, your students will be given a chance to see, hear, touch, and move their bodies in some way to better understand each weekly math concept taught.  Not only will you teach THEM, they’ll teach YOU!  You’ll answer the question, “When am I ever going to use this in my life?” and students will have a chance to actually TRY IT!  Struggling students will be given opportunity to better understand what they’ve been taught and students who are excelling will be pushed a little farther to build on what they’ve been taught.  We are confident your students will finish this year with a firm foundation on which to continue building their Math knowledge.

  • Day 1: Introduce - Lay a firm foundation for the week!  You’ll introduce the new mathematical concept, illustrating the idea through books and briefly touching on how the hero of the week used this kind of math.  Practice is done together (teacher + students) and will include note taking in a fill-in-the-blank sheet to include in math notebook for reference.
  • Day 2: Practice - Practice makes perfect!  You’ll do a quick recap of the lesson from the previous day and re-illustrate the concept for those who aren’t quite getting it.  Students will then practice independently or together using a an activity, game, or worksheet.
  • Day 3: Review - What do you remember?  You’ll ask questions from previous lessons and students will “teach” a partner or the whole class the concept, refreshing memory and making sure they actually understand the concept.  Students will then practice independently or together using a an activity, game, or worksheet with concepts from previous lessons.
  • Day 4: Apply - Make the connection!  You’ll explain how concept taught this week is used in the “real world” and, as a class, try out a way the hero of the week used this type of math.  Students will then practice independently or together using an activity, game, or worksheet.
  • Day 5: Extend/Extra Practice - Go farther or get better!  Students excelling will be pushed a little farther with a concept that builds on the week’s lesson.  Students struggling will get another opportunity to be taught and to teach what they understand back to you.  Practice will be done independently or together using an activity, game, or worksheet.
  • (Any Day) Centers - Ideas and printables for weekly themed centers will be provided to allow independent practice for students who finish early or for times you need to work in small groups and have something for other students to do.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

We are so excited for you to begin your journey as Chief Education Officers of Science. Each week is structured to optimize student learning. The 5 E’s model helps learners build or construct new ideas on top of their old ideas, allowing them to discover new concepts on their own instead of defining these concept for them. The 5 E’s model is a phase of learning, and each phase (day) begins with the letter “E”: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Below you will find a five-day weekly structure overview.

  • Day 1: Engage (activate prior knowledge and build background) - Day one allows teachers to connect students to the overall theme as well as give purpose for learning. This day helps to make them curious and excited about the weekly topic.
  • Day 2: Explore (hands-on, minds-on) - The purpose of this day is to allow them to interact with new concepts and materials with a focus on working and thinking.
  • Day 3: Explain (share meaning over memorizing concepts) - Today you will be observing how students interact and share new concepts with others. Interacting with books, computers, fellow classmates and other resources will help bring meaning to the concepts.
  • Day 4: Elaborate (connect, reflect and expand learning) - On this day you will be taking the time to deepen your students understanding and knowledge of the science concepts. Allowing them to reflect on what they have learned and connecting it to the world around them.
  • Day 5: Evaluation (share and show what you know) - On the last day students will show what they have learned though different projects, assessments, and activities, allowing them to apply meaning to the essential question and concepts learned throughout the week. They provide evidence for what has changed in their understanding, skills and ideas.

We hope this structure allows your students to observe, predict, infer, hypothesize, manipulate objects, investigate ideas and imagine possibilities.  We want your students to relate to the world around them though creativity, purpose and collaboration. We hope your students construct knowledge themselves through experiences and in turn share those discoveries with others.

In addition to the weekly structure every lesson is connected to either the (NGSS) Next Generation Science Standards and/or the Illinois State Standards. The standards that are marked on each lesson. By applying both of these standards to our curriculum we are ensuring that students acquire a deep understanding of core science and engineering content and ideas.

Kindergarten Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

In our Kindergarten Heroes program, we integrate SEL throughout the Language, Math, Science and Circle Time routines but also reserve a time daily to review it directly.

Since there are no national Social Studies nor Social Emotional Learning standards, we have mapped the learning to meet the Illinois State Standards which are comprehensive and applicable to homeschools or classrooms in any state.  

In our own schools this subject will start right after Circle Time, however, you may order it however you wish. 

  • Day 1: Hero Trouble Spots and Escape Routes - Monday’s purpose is to review the SEL strategy of the week and applicable Hero Trouble Spots.  Trouble Spots are sticky situations or tough feelings heroes face.  Escape Routes are strategies to overcome obstacles.  We review one new one each week and spiral back to previous weeks throughout the year.
  • Day 2: Meet the Hero - Tuesday’s purpose is to introduce student(s) to the hero of the week by reading an original Kindergarten-level bio.  We’ll finish the day with questions and independent practice on the character trait of the week.  A Character journal will be used to record learning and targeted social emotional learning mini-lessons will be conducted.
  • Day 3: Think About the Hero - Wednesday’s purpose is to hone comprehension and familiarity with the significance of the hero’s life and contributions.  We’ll point out in what specific ways the hero has both given help (via specific service actions or general contributions to society) and also received help from others or their own circumstances.  By touching on this concept (helpers help and are also helped) we underscore the interconnectedness of life, both for the hero and for the students themselves as they progress through Kindergarten and their own lives.
  • Day 4: Learn From the Hero - Thursday’s purpose is to extract lessons from the hero’s life.  Some of the best lessons we can learn is how someone chose to respond to both the ups and downs of his or her life.  A goal is to reflect general life lessons at a distilled Kindergarten level.  The day will conclude with a concise SEL lesson on a relevant behavioral topic.
  • Day 5: Crowning Ceremony - On Friday students participate in a “character crowning” ceremony to celebrate the week’s learning on the character focus.  We do another lesson on the SEL strategy of the week (Hero Escape Route).

We use a “Cape of Character” bulletin board to introduce heroes and character traits.  A new hero and trait is added each week.  Students will record their journey through both journal entries and a Character Quest Map along with many other fun and exciting activities!

Kindergarten Language Arts Curriculum

The language block is 60-90 minutes daily.  It includes  1-2 daily independent reading sessions (established in the first three weeks with an adapted “Daily Five” approach) and daily read-alouds.   A Reading Notebook and Writing Notebook store and showcase work. There are multiple activities in the language blocks each day and it will be helpful to review the one-page weekly summaries and daily lesson plans for the run down.  With the exception of the first three weeks, the basic structure for each week is the same so it will get more and more familiar with time.  

We switch from one activity to another (for example, a read aloud to a shared/group writing) several times during this block based on attention span for direct instruction at this age.  Daily “mini-lessons” teach one clear concept at a time and transitions between group and individual activities serve as “brain breaks”.  All ELA Common Core standards for Kindergarten are covered (see separately our standards map).   Each day starts with Shared (choral) Reading and a quick phonics focus before diving into mini-lessons on reading, writing, speaking and listening, literary analysis and grammar.

  • Day 1: Connect - The purpose of Day 1 is to connect the theme of the week with the read-aloud.  We also complete two minilessons and 1-2 independent reading sessions.
  • Day 2: Comprehend - The purpose of Day 2 is to focus on vocabulary and comprehension during the read-aloud while also covering two mini-lessons on various reading strategies.
  • Day 3: Communicate Verbally -  Even at this young age, our goal is to support children’s confidence with oral communication from Day 1.  We will gently ramp up to conducting individual presentations of 60-90 seconds in length, each and every week.  It will start very simple, with lots of grace, but end strong with continual practice and lots of scaffolding for this important life skill.
  • Day 4: Communicate in Writing - There will be daily opportunities to use writing skills but Thursday will be an opportunity to create at least one piece of original writing (starting with pictures, then labels, etc until simple opinion writing is established in Semester 3).  NOTE:  In Semester 3, Day 3 and 4 will switch to support our goals for opinion writing and presentation of opinion.
  • Day 5: Culminate and Create - Friday is reserved for more fun, relaxed and creative activities after a quick review of the weekly phonics focus.  This is to promote relationships and pure love of reading and language without always having the pressure to “respond” to it (other than enjoy it).  The read-alouds will be selected by the class followed by a craft or other creative activity.  

Kindergarten Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Topical Social Studies lessons incorporating all Illinois state standards for social studies will be added to the curriculum in 2020.

Kindergarten Learning Standards

This program has been mapped to all kindergarten math and language arts Common Core State Standards and all kindergarten Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  As there are no national Social Studies and Social Emotional Learning standards, these lessons have been mapped to the State of Illinois standards, which are comprehensive and applicable for children in any state.   The curriculum map progresses through these skills throughout the 36 weeks while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the weeks and the year.

Growing Bundle Timeline

Below is the timeline for the units to be added to your curriculum library.  It is roughly every two weeks with the exception of holiday timeframes.

  • Language - weekly units April 2019-April 2020
  • Math - weekly units April 2019-April 2020
  • SEL & Hero Focus Lessons- weekly units April 2019-April 2020
  • Circle Time - weekly units April 2020-April 2021
  • Science - weekly units April 2020-April 2021
  • Social Studies - weekly units April 2020-April 2021
  • Homework Supplement - weekly packets April 2020-April 2021

Meet the Heroes!

  • Week 1 Let the Adventure Begin + Decor Pack - Available Now
  • Week 2 Amelia Earhart (Flight) - Science Available Now
  • Week 3 Jacques Cousteau (Ocean) - Science Available Now
  • Week 4 Sir Edmund Hillary (Mountains)
  • Week 5 Howard Carter (Egypt & Archeology)
  • Week 6 Mary Anning (Dinosaurs)
  • Week 7 Jane Goodall (Monkeys)
  • Week 8 Galileo Galilei (Space)
  • BONUS Christmas Unit
  • Week 9 Olivia Lum (Water)
  • Week 10 George Washington Carver (Peanuts & Plants)
  • Week 11 Johannes Gutenberg (Books)
  • Week 12 Jonas Salk (Health - Our Body)
  • Week 13 Nikola Tesla (Cars)
  • Week 14 Beethoven (Music)
  • Week 15 Misty Copeland (Dance)
  • Week 16 Audrey Hepburn (Filmmaking)
  • Week 17 Leonardo da Vinci (Visual Arts)
  • Week 18 Frank Lloyd Wright (Architecture)
  • Week 19 Mo Willems (Mo's Animals)
  • Week 20 Emily Dickenson (Emily's Favorite Things)
  • Week 21 KJ Choi (Golf)
  • Week 22 Skylar Diggins (Basketball)
  • Week 23 Roger Federer (Tennis)
  • Week 24 Paul Newman (Food)
  • Week 25 Bonyo Bonyo (Health - Doctors & Hospitals)
  • Week 26 Confucius (China)
  • Week 27 Cesar Milan (Dogs)
  • Week 28 Geoffrey Canada (Communities)
  • Week 29 Paula Minnis (Fashion)
  • Week 30 Ansel Adams (Conservation + Photography)
  • Week 31 Bill Gates (Technology)
  • Week 32 Florence Nightingale (Germs/Immune System)
  • Week 33 Oprah Winfrey (Journalism & Mass Media)
  • Week 34 Roger Weissberg (Emotions)
  • Week 35 Heroes at Home (Familes)
  • Week 36 Kids Are Heroes (Year End Assessments / Wrap Up)

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