Age 5-6 - Kindergarten Heroes

Home CEO Academy's Kindergarten Heroes TM Curriculum was designed and intended for homeschools but has been successfully adapted by traditional kindergartens as well.   This 36-week program covers language, math, science, social studies, and social emotional learning.

Kindergarten Curriculum Library

When you purchase our Kindergarten Curriculum, you receive instant access to a huge library of resources.  Our content library can be accessed on any computer or mobile device to find the resources you need to teach each week. 


Kindergarten Curriculum Themes

Kindergarten Heroes is a themed curriculum  The theme of the year is:  Heroes - Amazing Adventures of People Who Inspire.  It is broken into three Semesters:

  • Semester 1: Heroes Who Invent & Explore (13 Weeks)
  • Semester 2: Heroes Who Create & Entertain (10 Weeks)
  • Semester 3: Heroes Who Help (13 Weeks) 

Each kindergarten curriculum week we study one hero, one character trait and explore many fun themes your students will love!  Themes include dinosaurs, architecture, archeology, music and much, much more!

By the end of the year, your students will be Kids Who CanTM, Kids Who CareTM and Kids Who ContributeTM!   

  • Standards-Based - Language and math resources are mapped to Common Core State standards that meet and exceed Kindergarten standards. 
  • Character Education - Each week features discussion and activities related to a character trait of the week.  Students have opportunities to learn and apply the character traits each week. 
  • People, Places, and Our World - Students learn about a variety of social studies and science topics through weekly journal prompts and engaging curated videos themed for the week.  These activities extend their understanding of the hero, character traits, and themes of the week and take them on journeys of discovery.
  • Service Learning - In the final week of the program, students also participate in a service-learning project of their choice, using project templates and guides to help guide them along the way.



Curriculum Map


  • "This is a great curriculum that covers every subject area! There are many ideas for activities and craftsThis resource also includes lessons for social-emotional development." - Melissa S., December 2020
  • "This is curriculum is amazing! It truly has everything you need to support your learners in various aspects - and there's even more to come!" - One Kreative Kumu, December 2020
  • "very engaging and fun" -Ashley A., March 2020
  • "I've started doing the heroes curriculum with a group in our homeschool co-op. It is just amazing- the lessons are awesome, the conversations are fascinating and we all enjoy it very much." -Carmit H., November 2019
  • "Great curriculum for a first time kindergarten homeschool mom! Thank you so much for this!!" -DeAnne S., September 2019
  • "All of the little special motivational additions are going to be a hit with my kids. It is so affirming and exciting. Can't wait to Start!" - Cari R., July 2019
  • "Amazing resource! Thanks for your hard work!" -Deborah, June 2019
  • "I was surprised how invested the kids got in the lives we were studying. Great examples of perseverance and tenacity!" Heather G., May 2019
  • "Amazing resource!" -Deanna, April 2019
  • "Based on the units of study listed and the lesson plan structure, I am excited put this curriculum into place. I love the focus on ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Such wonderful role models for our children." -Angela, 2018

Kindergarten Curriculum Contents:

Kindergarten Heroes provides a wealth of resources to support homeschooling your kindergartener.   Here's what you get:

  • Printable and digital curriculum
  • Teacher planning and organization resources
  • 1-2 daily activities per subject
  • Easy to follow weekly one-page schedule
  • Daily language and phonics activities
  • Daily math activities
  • Daily social and emotional learning / character education activities
  • Weekly read aloud suggestions with reading comprehension activities
  • Weekly writing prompts
  • Weekly suggested art project
  • Weekly science and social studies videos and journal prompts
  • A huge assortment of bonus curricular supplements to support sight words, word study, writing, and hands-on math centers and fun extras like first day of school and graduation posters.
  • Full classroom organization and decor pack

Kindergarten Curriculum Features

Here are some more aspects of what this program has to offer:

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