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Our totschool program includes 36 themed weeks of fun PLUS an additional 10 bonus seasonal units!  Each week includes songs, warmups, language, math, practical life, sensorial, fine motor and gross motor activities as well as themed art project and snack suggestions!

Totschool All Access

Immediate one-year access to our complete totschool curriculum library, including all 36 weeks plus seasonal units.


Totschool Subscription

Low monthly payments and three weekly units unlocked each month. Cancel anytime. One-year access.



Our 30-week preschool program also includes 8 bonus holiday units!  It covers songs, warmups, language, math, fine motor, gross motor, science and social studies activities as well as weekly themed crafts and snack suggestions.


Preschool All Access

Immediate one-year access to our complete preschool curriculum library, including all 30 weeks plus seasonal units.


Preschool Subscription

Low monthly payments and three weekly units unlocked each month. Cancel anytime. One-year access.


Kindergarten Prep

Our Kindergarten Quick Start program is a 6-week program designed for the summer before kindergarten.



Beginning with Kindergarten Heroes™ our elementary programs integrate character education and social skills across 36-themed weeks. By the end of the year, your students will be Kids Who Can, Kids Who Care, and Kids Who Contribute™!

Kindergarten Curriculum

Immediate access to 36 weeks of printable and digital kindergarten curriculum covering language, math, reading, social studies, science and social and emotional learning.


Kindergarten Subscription

Provides three weeks of curriculum per month for 12 months.  Includes immediate access to a variety of curriculum supplements.  Cancel anytime.


Kindergarten Quick Start

This 6-week program is perfect for the summer before kindergarten or a review in the first weeks of kindergarten.  Covers language, math and key life skills for kindergarten.


Virtual Kindergarten Pod

Our virtual kindergarten pod features boxed curriculum and live classes. Delivered in partnership with our nonprofit partner, Adsila Kids.



It's so fun to include a seasonal unit each month!  Our totschool and preschool programs already include the seasonal units, but they may also be purchased a la carte here!

Seasonal Bundle

This collection includes 10 seasonal units from Christmas to Valentines Day and everything in between.


Preschool Fall Printables

This Fall Harvest-themed bundle includes one full week of fall preschool activities! 


Preschool Pumpkins Printables

Our fun and exciting Pumpkin-themed bundle includes one full week of fall pumpkins preschool activities! 



Don't need a full curriculum but just a quick resource to practice language or math?  We've got you covered!

Alphabet Crafts

Our popular letter crafts include easy and engaging printable crafts for all uppercase and lowercase letters.


Alphabet Color and Trace

Our Alphabet Coloring bundle includes four color and trace worksheets per letter and include cute, engaging graphics.


Math 1-20 Pack

Our Math Pack bundle includes our math interactive notebook and worksheets coving numbers 1-20.



If you'd like to teach our curriculum in Spanish, you can!  The below bundles include Spanish translations of our original preschool materials.

Colors Bundle

Our Spanish-language Colors bundle includes 9 weekly colors-themed preschool units.


Countries Bundle

Our Spanish-language "Explore Our World" bundle includes 12 weekly country-themed preschool units.


Holidays Bundle

Our Spanish-language Holidays bundle includes 10 weekly seasonal preschool units.



Home CEO Academy offers a variety of free resources!  While our core curriculum is secular in nature, we also offer free bible study resources for parents interested in growing their faith while homeschooling.   Additionally, if you want to make your own preschool printables, our clipart bundles have everything you need to get you started!

Free Preschool Printables

Download and see a complete totschool and preschool unit and a large sample of our kindergarten printables FREE today.


Free Organization Program

This free 30-day program provides printables and tips for getting organized at home.


Free Bible Study Journal

Read the Bible in a year.  This printable journal weaves aspects of home and work to support an integrated life.


Clipart Membership

With over 5000+ high resolution graphics, our clipart membership has everything you need to make a variety of printable educational activities.


Alphabet Clipart

With over 500 high resolution graphics, our alphabet clipart bundle will provide you with images you can use to create your own preschool printables.


Play and Learn

Hands on and engaging activities cover all subjects including language, math, fine motor, gross motor (movement games), sensorial and practical life activities  (totschool) and social studies and science activities (preschool and kindergarten).

Grow Together

Fun facts and activities have YOU learning alongside your child!  Bond with your children as you work through each week together.

Save Time

Weekly one-page checklists.  Flexible schedules.  And best of all, all core subjects are covered in one place.  No more endless hours piecing together multiple programs.  You spend more time teaching and less time planning.

Free Resources

You can download a free totschool, preschool and kindergarten unit to learn more about the curriculum!

What They're Saying

  • "My 3 year old daughter really enjoys the activities and has learned quiet a bit." -Sara W., May 2020

  • "Super easy unit to convert to distance learning. The emergent reader is adorable, the songs are cute and it's a great learning resource." -Sandra B., May 2020

  • "I was struggling to figure out what I should even be doing with my almost three year-old daughter now that we're no longer doing daycare. This unit was well mapped out with materials that grabbed her attention." -Sara W., May 2020

  • "I use this for my preK class. Everyone including the parents love it!" -Ramonette O., March 2020

  • "Very engaging and fun" -Ashley A., March 2020

  • "Your curriculum is fantastic, my daughters really enjoy working on all the activities, games and crafts, it's super fun and super organized for me, we love it!" -Alma C., March 2020

  • "The materials are fantastic! I wish this would have been around when I was actually a preschool teacher by profession!" -Sara R., March 2020

  • "This program is comprehensive and very detailed. It saves me a lot of time. Fantastic quality." -Kishori C., December 2019

  • "I've started doing the heroes curriculum with a group in our homeschool co-op. It is just amazing- the lessons are awesome, the conversations are fascinating and we all enjoy it very much." -Carmit H., November 2019

  • "I’m so very impressed with the materials. Not only are they thoroughly researched and well organized, the extensive amount of material was surprising and impressive." -Laura B., November 2019
  • "My daycare children and parents LOVE this curriculum! It is so easy to put together and I like how it goes week by week." -Annie D., October 2019

  • "Great curriculum for a first time kindergarten homeschool mom!" -DeAnne S., September 2019

  • "I love this pack. The curriculum is so well planned, I don’t have to do anything. Simply print and teach." -Chani E., September 2019

  • "I am in love with this curriculum. It covers EVERYTHING!!! And it is so easy to prep." -Kristin A., June 2019

  • "Anything you could possibly think of that may be needed to start up a class or get your current class in proper order is literally in this complete pack! I love it!" -Stacey G., May 2019

  • "I have used this entire program this year with my 3 and 4's and wow!! I cannot say enough about how much they learned in just 9 months!!!" -Julie C., April 2019

  • "This is an amazing curriculum to use in my home daycare. I've tried several (much more expensive) curriculum's, and this one takes the cake!" - Jenna P., January 2019

  • "OMG! I LOVE THIS! I am using this with my PreK Deaf kiddos this year and it is AWESOME! Thank you so much!" - Angela M., November 2018

  • "I must say I was a little nervous to start homeschooling my toddlers, looking at other programs and getting really overwhelmed. I finally came across this one and gave it a go, and I LOVE IT! There's so much material and everything is organized and well planned out. The instructions were simple and the schedules and calendars are straight forward, thank you so much this is a HUGE time saver!" - Sandra E., August 2018

  • "WOW wow wow! What can I say...! I had been chewing for a while over getting this curriculum and after downloading the free samples I made up my mind - I got it. And boy am I glad I did! This is just absolutely amazing! It has everything you need, and once you familiarize yourself with all the folders and pdf's and know exactly what and how you want to print and prepare, it is a breeze.  Now I won't lie, I wanted to create my own curriculum from scratch - because it's something I would love to do and I also know what my children need/lack etc. But then I stumbled across this and it just blew me away. Everything is already done for me - with exactly the kind of stuff I want for my kids!" -TpT Customer Feedback, August 2018

  • "I cannot adequately say how impressive this curriculum is. My preschool student is going to go into kindergarten in a few months so well prepared!" -Miss Z's Tutoring, July 2018

  • "This is, by far, the most comprehensive, well thought out, and thorough curriculum pack I have found for toddler/preschoolers!" -Pencils and Chalk, July 2016

  • "I love this curriculum. It has everything you would need and does not require much supplies. I love the themes of the lessons as well." -Kamie S., October 2016

  • "You've thought of everything. Having been a preschool and elementary teacher before having children, this is incredible to have a year of planning done with all materials and plans ready for the entire year - priceless!" Doris, September 2016

  • "I can't even put into words how AMAZING this is!  So easy to get started and right to work. Organized, great graphics, age appropriate curriculum...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you" -Tiffany L., August 2016

  • "The materials are fabulous! There's some great learning going on in your homeschool/ preschool. I am thoroughly impressed. I've been teaching kindergarten and preschool now for over 15 years. You've done a great job so far." - Melissa, March 2016

  • "I have searched far and wide for my curriculum to use in my preschool this year, and this is by far the best." -Melissa, August 2015

  • "As a former classroom teacher, I can see that a lot of well thought out planning went into this curriculum. Thanks so much for your creativity!" -Kimberly, August 2015

  • "This is a very complete resource" -Kir, August 2015

  • "This is PERFECT for my [child], as we start a more structured homeschool practice.*" -Melanie, August 2015


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