Here's what people are saying abour our Home CEO Chief Education Officer products for preschool.   We are thankful for the many wonderful educators who have used our resources.  While initially written for a homeschool audience, our products are also being used in traditional preschools and sometimes kindergartens.  

  • "We are totally enjoying this. You have put your heart into this and we thank you for it."  Cari R. December 23, 2016
  • This is, by far, the most comprehensive, well thought out, and thorough curriculum pack I have found for toddler/preschoolers! Pencils and Chalk, July 2016
  • I love this curriculum. It has everything you would need and does not require much supplies. I love the themes of the lessons as well." Kamie S. October 2016
  • "I'm using this curriculum for my first grader and my preschooler and it is easily adaptable to both! We love all the resources you have put together. Highly recommend this curriculum!" Stacy F. October 3, 2016
  • "You've thought of everything. Having been a preschool and elementary teacher before having children, this is incredible to have a year of planning done with all materials and plans ready for the entire year - priceless!" Doris, September 2016
  • "I can't even put into words how AMAZING this is! I Love the blend/balance/option of incorporating Montessori!!! [for the age 2-3] So easy to get started and right to work. Organized, great graphics, age appropriate curriculum...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you" Tiffany L. August 2016
  • "The materials are fabulous! There's some great learning going on in your homeschool/ preschool. I am thoroughly impressed. I've been teaching kindergarten and preschool now for over 15 years. You've done a great job so far. I can't wait to see all you create! By the way. I am planning to use this curriculum in our kindergarten program in Haiti. I am a teacher/supervisor/trainer at an English Language school, Great resource! Thank you!" - Melissa, March 16, 2016
  • "I have searched far and wide for my curriculum to use in my preschool this year, and this is by far the best." -Melissa, August 2015
  • "This unit has so much included! Well organized and great graphics. The lesson plans are exactly what I was looking for - simple and cover many areas. It's such a time saver!" -Laura, August 2015
  • "Overall there is a huge variety of items in the pack, from crafts to lesson plans, there is a little bit of everything." -Jennifer, June 2015
  • "Loving this so far! It is difficult to find things that are both fun and educational for this age group. Thank you!" -Buyer, October 2015
  • "I am SUPER excited to have found your store! I cant wait to use this in my classroom!! " -CreativeClassroomPaperie, August 2015
  • " As a former classroom teacher, I can see that a lot of well thought out planning went into this curriculum. Thanks so much for your creativity!" -Kimberly, August 2015
  • "This is a very complete resource" -Kir, August 2015
  • This is PERFECT for my [child], as we start a more structured homeschool practice.* -Melanie, August 2015
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!" - Christy'sCutesyClassroom, August 2015
  • "Awesome-just awesome!!" Buyer, January 13, 2016

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