Age 3-4 Preschool Curriculum

Our Age 3-4 Preschool Curriculum Package includes 38 weeks of themed printable preschool lesson plans and instructional activities that are progressive in nature, increasing in challenge with each week and is designed to be a complete-year program for preschool.  Used in homeschools, home child care settings and traditional preschools.

In addition to our core 30 weeks, this program offers 8 additional optional seasonal units for 38 weeks total instruction

"I have searched far and wide for my curriculum to use in my preschool this year, and this is by far the best!"* -Melissa, August 2015

"I love your curriculum! It is so full of wonderful ideas and skills. It makes planning a pleasure, not a chore. It has so much to choose from and covers all areas of learning. I just had to get the whole year of PreK curriculum. It's fantastic. I love this product and love lesson planning again. Thank you again for creating this wonderful tool!" Nichole S., January 2021

Our complete year of lesson plans and preschool curriculum are segmented into the following three semesters:  

  • Semester 1 Exploring Our World (12 Weekly Units)
  • Semester 2 Exploring Our Earth (9 Weekly Units)
  • Semester 3 Exploring Our Community (9 Weekly Units)
  • BONUS Seasonal Units (8 Extra Weekly Seasonal Units)


Get ready to have a ton of FUN!! This is an entire preschool program, with all the related printables & matching classroom decor and organization elements, to implement side by side with your children as a parent teacher. This is a large, holistic and all-encompassing preschool curriculum program with weekly themed units that are flexible but structured.  For homeschoolers, this is perfect for the parent who wants to be a parent teacher and strengthen their parent-child interaction and relationship bond through easy and fun educational play.


By the end of the year, through your organized preschool days, your child will be:

* Counting to 100 fluently
* Adding and subtracting within 5 & know many other number skills
* Know days of the weeks & months of the year
* Know all letter sounds
* Engage in early reading
* Have heightened awareness of the world around them
* Identify landmarks and flags from twelve countries
* Be able to describe characteristics and animals from nine earth environments
* Be able to describe who nine community helpers are and what they do

This material is interesting for teachers and homeschool parents too! You'll be engaging in interesting conversations about the world in which we live through our book selections, weekly vocabulary cards full of fascinating facts and our many themed weekly activities.


This complete year preschool program and its weekly units cover EVERYTHING, thereby eliminating the need to piece together multiple programs and adapt to several organizational systems.  Instead, each streamlined unit has language arts, math, social studies, life science, gross motor / physical activities and art all in one place. Everything is progressively challenging through the course of the program, so your child will always be growing.  Semester 1 we do cooking activities in lieu of the science block to enjoy the flavors of the world.  We also include a service learning component for social and emotional learning.


These 30 weekly thematic units can be used with a calendar year (January to December) preschool program OR an academic year program (August to May). Or simply follow the months in sequence and start any time!


The Home CEO Age 3-4 Preschool Curriculum is a HUGE, HOLISTIC and SIMPLE preschool program.

  • 30 weeks (plus 8 optional seasonal units) of themed preschool lesson plans and materials (for 38 weeks, total).
  • Monthly preschool planning schedule and binder covers to get you completely organized.
  • 30 themed lesson plans (plus 8 more optional seasonal lesson plans)
  • Weekly overviews/orientations with pictures showing our units in action.
  • 90 daily language warmups + 90 MORE language games & activities
  • 90 daily math warmups + 90 MORE math games & activities
  • 13 recipe cards for preschool cooking activities
  • 30 social studies activities
  • 90 gross motor / physical activities games
  • 38 crafts
  • 20 life science activities for your little one's My First Science Notebook
  • Book / reading list for all units
  • Letter Sounds Train Bulletin Board Material & Instructional Materials
  • Sight words practice in Semester 3
  • Word Families Bulletin Board Material & Instructional Materials
  • Bulletin Board setups for all 38 units
  • BONUS Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Santa's Workshop and May Flowers Seasonal Units.
  • Supporting materials and printables including flashcards, visual aids, worksheets and much much more!


  • "I used this to homeschool a 3 and a 4 year old this year. It's been wonderful. They are engaged, excited and love school time!" - Kaitlyn B, December 2020
  • "There's some great learning going on in your homeschool/ preschool. I am thoroughly impressed. I've been teaching kindergarten and preschool now for over 15 years.  I am planning to use this curriculum in our kindergarten program in Haiti. I am a teacher/supervisor/trainer at an English Language school, Great resource! Thank you! -Melissa G, March 16, 2016
  • "I have searched far and wide for my curriculum to use in my preschool this year, and this is by far the best."* -Melissa, August 2015

  • "I can't even put into words how AMAZING this is! I So easy to get started and right to work. Organized, great graphics, age appropriate curriculum...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you." Tiffany L, August 2016
  • I'm using this curriculum for my first grader and my preschooler and it is easily adaptable to both! We love all the resources you have put together. Highly recommend this curriculum!, Stacy F., October 2016
  • "I love this curriculum. It has everything you would need and does not require much supplies. I love the themes of the lessons as well." Kamie, S. October 2016
  • "This unit has so much included! Well organized and great graphics. The lesson plans are exactly what I was looking for - simple and cover many areas. It's such a time saver!" -Laura, August 2015

  • "Overall there is a huge variety of items in the pack, from crafts to lesson plans, there is a little bit of everything." -Jennifer, June 2015

  • "Loving this so far! It is difficult to find things that are both fun and educational for this age group. Thank you!" -Buyer, October 2015

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  • " As a former classroom teacher, I can see that a lot of well thought out planning went into this curriculum. Thanks so much for your creativity!" -Kimberly, August 2015

  • "This is a very complete resource" -Kir, August 2015

  • "This is PERFECT for my [child], as we start a more structured homeschool practice.* -Melanie, August 2015

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!" - Christy'sCutesyClassroom, August 2015

  • "Awesome-just awesome!!" Buyer, January 13, 2016

Complete Year Preschool Curriculum

When you purchase our printable program, you receive 30 weeks of the core curriculum, plus 8 additional seasonal units. All 30 core units in our preschool curriculum have continuously progressing skills and cover language, math, social studies, art, gross motor and reading activities.


The following are sample pages from one of the 38 units.


All monthly profits from Home CEO Academy are distributed to charitable humanitarian organizations who are making the world a better place in the area of children, education, poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, and more. 


When you purchase our program, you have ongoing access to customer support.  Call or email us at anytime during your school year if you have questions.  We respond within 24 hours and are dedicated to helping you succeed.

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