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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the Ocean themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Habitats Unit.

Preschool Habitats: Ocean Theme

age 3-4 exploring our earth habitats ocean Apr 23, 2021

You are going to love this unit!  In this semester we're going to start working on CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word families through a cute themed approach that you and your little ones are going to love!  Lots of ocean-themed activities in this pack, including a sea turtle lifecycle, 19 vocabulary cards, a pirate game, social studies activities and much, much more!
A new semester means new classroom decor! Did you know "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" had three verses? Neither did I! There are focus questions at the bottom of each poster. I plan on adding a few to Kylie's bedroom each week.
Our theme board this week was filled with colorful pictures of ocean creatures we have grown to love and recognize after many, many visits to the Aquarium Of The Pacific in Long Beach. And of course, after many, many viewings of Finding Nemo ;)
Drawing has never been my strong suit, but Kylie got the idea with this wake up, warm up language activity. We practiced hand writing with an ocean themed twist.
I would now like to share a poem I wrote about paper plates:

Paper plates, I love you
You save me from washing when we have many people over for dinner.
You're endless craft opportunities make you a winner.
Paper plates, I love you.

The "official" craft activity for this unit was a shark, but we also made a squid, crab, octopus, and a Captain America shield.
We had the pleasure of making Encouragement Elves this week! Encouragement Elves is a monthly service project aimed at teaching your preschooler math, fine motor skills, and gratitude. We made clothes pin magnets this week and gave them to our friends at the Post Office. The second semester brings us a new, weekly activity- Word Family Reunion!
The Legend of the Lost Words is the story of 18 word families hat went on vacation on a ship. A store comes and everyone is thrown overboard! Your little learned is tasked to find all of the word families during the course of the semester and complete the puzzle on the bottom left of the board.
This week, we were on the look out for _at and _am words. Day two of our language lesson had Kylie building words.
A new semester means a new notebook! Instead of cooking during our science block this semester, we are learning about life cycles. We learned about how sea turtles came to be!
We also had fun classifying land, air, and sea items during our science block.
Kylie is currently obsessed with playing Simon Says, so even though there are no pictures, trust me when I say that the gross motor flash cards this week make for a great game of Simon Says.

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