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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the veterinarian themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Community Helpers Unit.

Preschool Community Helpers: Veterinarian Theme

age 3-4 community helpers exploring our community veterinarian May 31, 2021

You're going to love this unit!  Week 27 Veterinarian is jam packed with pets and vet themed activities. Your child is really honing their CVC skills, now practicing ALL middle vowels together along with their sight words for the week.   You'll be doing many language activities and working on addition and subtracting in Math.  Our dramatic play printables are super fun this week and you'll love playing vet and writing up patient "charts" with your stuffed animals. For your science time, your little one will experience what it's like caring for wild animals, too, by making his or her own DIY birdfeeder and recording observations in thier My First Science Notebook.  There is also a doggie ballon craft and gross motor games to round out the week.  Enjoy!
Piggie joined us while we read our vocab cards. I had no idea vets went to school for so long!
We reviewed more ending sounds during our wake up, warm up exercises.
Kylie is doing so well with her sight words thanks to these fun scramble worksheets.
Kylie continued to build CVC words with this recurring worksheet. This time though, she asked to write the letters herself, instead of using the moveable alphabet!
I have a funny feeling that toilet paper roll bowling will become a regular in our house! I called out numbers, and Kylie threw her sock ball to try and knock down the correct "pin."
Something clicked with crayons this week. Kylie and her little crayon box have been inseparable! So when I asked if she wanted to do some "color math", she emphatically said "yes!"

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