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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the Arctic themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Habitats Unit.

Preschool Habitats: Arctic Theme

age 3-4 arctic exploring our earth habitats May 07, 2021

Explore the coldest regions of the world with this fun and engaging unit!  You'll do a narwhal craft, learn about the life cycle of an emperor penguin and start the addition part of our 30-week math sequence.  This week we'll work on UG and UN words and continue our practice of beginning and ending sounds.  Arctic themed gross motor games, pages for your travel journal and more! Enjoy!


First thing's first; our theme board!
One of our math wake up, warm up activities had us adding up puffins to put them in the correct houses.
***Home CEO Hack*** This is a recurring wake up, warm up game. Print the houses off once and then use them through out the semester!
 Word searches are quickly becoming our favorite language activity!
"These musk ox could go for a haircut," observed Porter while counting the rows.
Breakup your school time with a game of bingo.  The kids don't need to know that they are practicing listening and fine motor skills ;)
I really thought Kylie would enjoy this hand print narwhal art project, but all she could do was grimace at me and say, "Can I go wash my hand now?"
Our semester long language activity "The Legend Of The Lost Words" is almost done. This week, we worked on _un and _ug words.
Kylie doesn't even need me to read the instructions on this sheet anymore!
One of the three crafts from this unit lets your little ones practice their sewing skills by making a mitten!
We wrapped up our arctic week by learning building a fun scene!


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