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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the orange themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Colors Unit.

Preschool Colors: Orange Theme

age 2-3 colors orange preschool Feb 15, 2021

Orange is a color that exudes all around warmth and we hope you'll create warm family memories too while you work through the Orange Unit with your children! This is Week 5 of our first nine-week Quarter focusing on colors.   By this week you may or may not have interspersed one of our seasonal units into you year!  If so, don't let the numbering of the weeks confuse you.  Since the seasonal units can be interspersed whenever throughout the year and can be done at different times depending on when you started the program, we don't give them specific week numbers.
These food flashcards are our favorite set! Ask you little one to sort them by meals, by type of food, or go on a scavenger hunt at the grocery store!
Like I said last week, I had no idea how many different versions of the same color there were until I had kids.
::Channeling my best impression of Anger from Inside Out:: WHY DO I NEED 5 DIFFERENT ORANGES?!?! WHATS WRONG WITH PLAIN ORANGE!?!?!?!
Coming from a non sporty family, I was fairly surprised when Porter just put this together!
The sensory activity for this week was mess free paint mixing! I would suggest adding some duct tape to the top of the bag just so nothing leaks out ;)
We got this gem at the used book store right before we left Los Angeles.
We love playing this game, but we call it "which one of these doesn't belong" in our house.
This week, we focused on the number 5.
Roar! These play-doh mats are always a hit!
Get outside with this gross motor activity!
Not too bad for 2 1/2, eh? Be sure to have our alphabet poster available for your little one to reference! 

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