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While our other products are secular in nature, this free resource is an exciting one-year Integrated Life Bible Study Journal to enhance your walk with God, focus your daily reading like never before and give you a snapshot of your entire year that you'll cherish for years to come.

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This free resource includes 365 Bible journal pages, in either dated or undated format, as well as additional notes pages.  Simply login to our resource library to download your printables and create your own Bible study notebook!

Both dated and undated pages are available to choose from!

These free printable Bible study notes pages are perfect for anyone looking to organize their Bible study. They incorporate a reading plan that will enable you to finish reading the Bible in a year. You’ll spend 20-30 minutes a day reading passages daily from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

We’ve kept the writing and note-taking intentionally brief - one fill-in page a day - so that when you go back through your notes in the future, you will have on hand a wonderfully concise summary of the most relevant thoughts you had at the time you reflected on those passages. For those wanting more journaling space, don't worry; there are a variety of extra blank notes page provided that you may print as many times as you need, whether that’s a few extra pages a month, one a week or even one extra notes page a day.

Because we believe in living an integrated life - one where your walk with God, your home life and your work life all go hand-in-hand - we’ve created these pages to include the type of personal elements that you’d expect to write in a diary because who you are and where you are and even some of your real-life daily particulars is not only important to you, but it's important to God too. You’ll be able to document how you’re feeling on any given day and what each day is going to look like for you (at the office, at home, on a trip, etc). You will also have daily time to reflect on your work and personal priorities which may be impacted by your Bible reading that day as well as write your prayer requests.

These personal elements will be of great value to you if you plan to keep this journal as a record of your walk in any particular year. My hope is that you can even do this reading plan year over year and store these snapshots of your life as a tool to go back and reflect on where you were then, where you are now and where you want to be as you grow in the knowledge of your loving Creator.

Optional Dedication Page

Bible Journal Back Cover

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FYI What It Looks Like Printed

Feel free to print and bind these free printable pages in whatever format you choose (for personal use only).   I printed mine double-sided with an extra 20 notes pages at the back, which were also double-sided.  I laminated the front and back covers and then I had it all spiral-bound.  This makes a lovely notebook that's about an inch and a half thick.  You could also hole-punch the pages and use a binder.  I use mine with a journaling Bible, but it will work with any Bible you have on hand.

Sample Notes

These are some of my own personal notes.  Fill the pages with all that God speaks to your heart.  I plan to give my daughter my completed notebook one day when she grows up (maybe more than one if I do it multiple times).  You can give yours to your children one day too!


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