Penguins Printables

Our Penguins Preschool unit gets your classroom completely organized with activities for Circle TIme, Song Time, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Sensory, Arts and Crafts, Gross Motor / Games, Fine Motor Skills, Snacktime, Practical Life Skills Practice, Social and Emotional Learning Activities, and Social Studies too!





This  Penguins Preschool Learning Package uses the theme of Penguins to teach a variety of early learning skills covering all subject areas for a week. This is a complete week of activities for Age 2-3 focusing on MULTIPLE skills with the theme of Penguins and wintertime. 110 pages +155 additional preschool bonuses.

This unit is included in our Complete Year Age 2-3 program, but is sold here as a standalone unit.

Here's a closer look at what's included:

Classroom Decor & Organization

-Introduction & Instructions
-Weekly Lesson Plan & Library Book List (Two Options)
-Supply List
-Daily Teacher’s Checklist (Four Options)
-Weekly Center Bin Label & Classroom Labels

Circle Time

-Bonus Complete Circle Time Board Pack (Days of the Week, Weather & More!)
-Penguins Bulletin Board Header
-Weekly Theme Board Pieces
-I'm a Little Penguin Song Poster

Penguin Printables and Activities

-Wake Up Warm Ups List (2 options)
-My Penguins Book/coloring book
-Wintertime Flashcards
-ABC Penguin Match
-Penguin Tens Frames
-Workbook Portfolio Cover
-Play-doh Mat - Dress Up Penguin
-Play-doh Mat - Letter Pp
-Tracing - Staying Afloat
-Tracing - Igloo Semicircles
-Cutting - On Thin Ice
-Penguin Pairs Listening
-Iceberg Maze
-Penguin Sequence
-Seasons Sorting
-14 Penguin Species Three Part Cards
-Arctic Shapes
-Hot Cocoa Counting
-Diving for Fish Counting
-Frozen Tally Marks
-Snowball Number Toss

Crafts & Cooking

-Ice Painting Craft
-Themed Snack Suggestions

Gross Motor Games

-Penguin March
-Feeding Frenzy

-Penguin Action Cards

Bonus Items!

Not only do you receive a weekly Penguins unit,  but you will also receive our comprehensive classroom setup package, a $15 value, free!

-Daily Schedule Board 
-Circle Time Board and Instructions
-Get Organized with our Wall Calendars and Binder Covers
-Weekly Center Bin Labels


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