Preschool St. Patty's Printables

Looking for the perfect St. Patrick's day preschool activities to save you hours of time and make wonderful memories for your preschool or homeschool classroom?  If so, this jam-packed St. Patrick's preschool pack is for you! 

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Activities

Enjoy 200+ pages of language, math, crafts, social studies, reading, gross motor, fine motor activities and more! 

This pack includes two preschool St. Patrick's Day units: one for ages 2-3 and another for ages 3-4 with increasing challenge.   Many of the activities can be interspersed with both age groups and with kindergartners as well as extra practice.  The two units are available in our complete year programs. (If you're looking for a complete year program to start next school year, click here)!

What's Included

We provide both color and black and white versions of our activities.

This preschool St. Patrick's Day curriculum pack includes over 500 pages of fun for your preschool classroom (200 pages of St. Patrick's Day fun and over 300 pages of our exclusive circle time and classroom decor bonuses).  The materials are highly engaging, super fun and organized to delight both teacher and student alike and lead to a successful week studying early learning skills through the theme of the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

Our preschool St. Patrick's Day units cover all academic areas for a three days/week routine that easily stretches to five depending on the amount of material you cover each day:  You will receive two St. Patrick's Day packets - one for ages 2-3 and another for ages 3-4.  The activities may be easily be used as extra practice for age 5 kindergartners as well for extra practice.

St. Patrick's Day Language Arts Activities

  • Weekly Lesson Plan summary and Supply List
  • Wake Up! Warm Up! Daily skills games listing (St. Patrick's Day-themed)
  • My St. Patrick's Day Mini Coloring Book & Sentence Cards
  • St. Patrick's Day Themed book lists
  • St. Patrick's Day Fact Cards
  • Leprechaun Letters (Find the Leprechaun letter identification)
  • Celebration Syllables Shamrocks
  • Dressed for St. Patrick’s - What Belongs
  • St. Patrick's Color By Letter
  • St. Patrick’s Day Handwriting
  • Horseshoe Trace and Paste
  • St / Not St Blend Sorting Mat
  • St and Not St Cards Word Cards
  • St. Patty’s Handwriting Practice
  • Look for the Leprechaun Word Families
  • St. Patrick's Color by CVC Word

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Math Activities

  • Three St. Patrick's Day Math Warm Ups
  • St. Patrick’s Puzzle 1-10
  • St. Patrick’s Puzzle Skip Counting by 2s
  • St. Patrick’s Puzzle Skip Counting by 5s
  • St. Patrick’s Puzzle Skip Counting by 10s
  • St. Patrick's Color By Number
  • St. Patrick's Color by Sum
  • Going for Gold (Greater Than)
  • St. Patrick's Patterns
  • St. Patrick's Color by Shape
  • St. Patty’s Counting Cards
  • St. Patty’s 10-20 Puzzle
  • Shamrock Shapes (Counting)

Preschool St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Fine Motor and Other Fun Activities

  • Three Play-doh Mats (St, P, Clover)
  • St. Patrick’s Action Cards
  • Good Luck Around the World Book
  • Rainbow Craft Templates
  • Dressed for St. Patrick's -Complete the Drawing
  • Shamrock Shapes (Identification)
  • Snack Suggestions

Preschool Easter Games

  • Six Gross Motor / Movement Games
  • Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
  • St. Patrick’s Sum Path Clovers
  • St. Patrick’s Action Cards

Classroom Bonuses

  • Bonus Planning Calendars and Binder Covers
  • Bonus Circle Time How's the Weather & Days of the Week Printables
  • Bonus Daily Schedule Board printables
  • Bonus Weekly Center Bin Labels and Storage Bin Labels
  • Daily Teacher’s Checklist (Four Options)

Plus instructions, overviews and more.


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