Curriculum Lifetime Membership

This is a limited time offer (offer with bonuses end August 7) to purchase an "Endless" Lifetime Membership Bundle of preschool and kindergarten resources as a one-time "buy the store" deal.  If you were planning to purchase one of our Complete Year Preschool programs, this is a great option for you to get it all, get it now, get everything in the future for an amazing, comprehensive homeschool or preschool program.


What's Included?
You'll get access to everything currently in our store plus ALL future updates for life. What you'll get today are over 80 weeks of material for your students aged 2-5 including 36 totschool weeks, 30 preschool weeks, 10 weeks of seasonal units, 6 weeks of Kindergarten summer-before prep, and lots of stand-alone math and alphabet resources. As a lifetime bundle, this bundle will also include our FUTURE 36 full weeks of Kindergarten covering all major subjects (a $360 value - the first 8 weeks are available).

  • 36 Weeks Totschool ($99 value)
  • 30 Weeks Preschool ($99 value)
  • 10 Seasonal Units ($50 value)
  • 6 Week Kinder Prep ($20 value)
  • Alphabet Packs - Printables + Clipart ($25 value)
  • Math Pack ($5 value)
  • FUTURE 36 weeks Kindergarten ($360 value - growing bundle first 8 weeks currently available)
  • $658 total value all for just $199.

How Will I Get the Files?
After you purchase, you will have access to our complete curriculum library!  It includes over 2GB of printables!

How Will I Know When New Content is Added?
You will receive an email notification each time a new item is added to your curriculum library.

What Does the License Cover?
This product entitles one teacher to use this material for his or her one classroom. Each additional classroom requires another license.

How Long is This Deal Available?
This listing will be removed on August 7th at midnight.

I already own one or more of the programs. Is there a way to upgrade?

If you own at least one complete year program, you can upgrade to the lifetime membership through Wednesday for an additional $40.  If interested, please email [email protected] and we will verify and provide you with a special coupon code to use with this offer.

What if I Have Further Questions?
Reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help!

All Profits to Charity
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Curriculum Lifetime Membership

Our Buy The Store Lifetime Membership includes all curriculum items in the store.  This includes the Age 2-3 program (46 weeks), Age 3-4 (38 weeks), and Kindergarten programs (36 weeks growing bundle), seasonal units, supplement packs and any/all future curriculum packs. With the exception of the alphabet clipart, added as a bonus, this pack does not include the clipart sets from our separate Clipart That Cares store.

$199.00 USD