Preschool Math Pack

Looking for a way to introduce or review numbers in a simple, fun and interactive way with your preschool or kindergarten students?  This printable math pack is your go-to solution.  It's designed for the preschooler in mind - no reading skills are required to engage with these activities. 

In this Preschool Math Pack, you'll receive both practice math worksheets as well as everything you need to make an interactive "My First Math Notebook" to learn numbers 1-20.   You and your students will complete the journal over the course of several weeks and the final journal is over 100 pages.  Your students will enjoy referring back to their journals over and over! You can focus on one number a day or go at your own pace. Each number has four pages to construct in the notebook.

This pack includes a set of math review worksheets for each number as well as two styles of number posters for your classroom decor. 

The notebooking portion of the activities in this packet are designed to be cut and pasted into either a spiral bound notebook or a standard composition book (all elements are designed to fit within a composition book).  However, they all can be completed "stand alone" as well, depending on your preference.

Color and black and white options are available.

Please note, if you already own our Age 2-3 Complete Year Curriculum, these pages are already included in your curriculum library.  These activities can be used for children of many ages and this product is not labeled as "preschool" on its pages in the event you wish to use it for your kindergarteners.  You can use this math pack independently of our full year program. 


The following preschool math activities are included in this math pack.

  • 150+ pages of math practice
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Flap page for each number
  • Cut and paste scene for each number
  • Petal book for each number, including four ways to represent the number
  • Number maze for each number
  • Several practice pages to reinforce number sequence and symbol to quantity identification
  • Classroom Decor Numbers 1-20 posters (as well as a second set of posters 1-10)
  • Math Review worksheets for numbers 1-20


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