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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the Valentine’s Day themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Seasonal Set.

Preschool Seasonal: Valentine’s Day

age 2-3 age 3-4 holiday seasonal valentine's day Feb 11, 2021

Our Valentine's Day bundle includes two full weeks of Valentine's Day material!  We think you and your little ones will feel the LOVE with these fun Valentine's Day activities for your preschoolers aged 2-4.  Enjoy!

123 Valentine's Day by Jeanne Modesitt is a wonderful read aloud for this unit.

Our song of the week is Skidamarink.



After Circle Time, each day, you can start with one of our "Wake Up Warm Ups".   With this warmup, you read clues aloud to your little one and they use the clues to find the matching Valentine.



There are many activities to choose from during your activity block.  For math, what's better than Cupcake Math?


This week we cut, colored, and addressed these valentines during one of our language blocks.  I was really hoping the tiny pink heart was for me, but Kylie informed me that was for Sky from Paw Patrol :(.


These strip puzzles are a favorite in our house!

I was a little worried Kylie wouldn't "get" this activity.  But after reading Will You Fill My Bucket?  by Carol McCloud, she instantly "got" it!  I asked her what are some things she can do to make her brother happy and she told me "sharing." I asked what she can do for a person at swim lessons to make them feel happy and she said "hold the door." #proudmom

Our art block was so much fun!  We made a Heart man.

"This is like our Christmas around the world activity," Kylie said when I brought this out.


Heart emoji memory!

This Roll and Record game helps your little one practice their numbers to 10.

In this activity, Kylie made a lift the flap page to see the human heart.

Most of our units come with play-doh mats to help with your little one's fine motor skills.  With this mat, your children color in the flowers with the play-doh of their choice.

Practice counting with these Valentine's Day-themed counting cards.


We hope you enjoy our Valentine's Day unit.  There are many more activities are included in this bundle, which includes two full units!  You can purchase these downloads here.

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