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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the Farm themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Habitats Unit.

Preschool Habitats: Farm Theme

age 3-4 exploring our earth farm habitats May 05, 2021

From playing farm-themed bingo to creating a craft stick barn, we've got tons of great farm themed activities in this week's unit!  We continue working through our language and math sequences, this week touching on the OT and OX word families while we continue practicing and building phonemic awareness with our Wake Up Warm Up activities, which focus on letter sounds L, P, Q and R this week.  In math, you'll continue practicing skip counting, counting to 60 and numeration.  You'll learn interesting facts about the animals on the farm and do farm-themed gross motor activities to get your child moving!  Enjoy!



Building our theme board is by far, Kylie's favorite activity for the week. She loves the colorful pictures, and I love the learning new facts! I had no idea that cows have such an amazing sense of smell!
Hand writing practice is a lot easier when there is a picture to color at the end.

                    We love starting the morning off with a fun song during circle time.

Our math lessons this week had Kylie skip counting to do a dot-to-dot and skip counting to count eggs...which lead to skip counting real eggs, black eyed peas, pom poms, and about 20 other items she found around the house.
Only 3 more puzzles pieces to go until Kylie completes her Legend Of The Lost Words puzzle!  This week was all about _ot and _ox words.
"Momma, I know how to do this one already." Alright then!
Farms are everywhere!


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