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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the Desert themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Habitats Unit.

Preschool Habitats: Desert Theme

age 3-4 desert exploring our earth habitats Apr 28, 2021
When our moving pods got delivered to our new house in Toronto, I expected Kylie to say "My puzzles are here!" or "My legos are back" or even "Hey there is our TV. Daddy can we play Mario?" Nope. "Oh hey, my theme board is back!" she said as we unloaded.
In this edition of The Legend Of The Lost Words, we hunted and built _ig and _ad word.
**Home CEO Hack** This game is a great opportunity to synonyms! Glad also means happy! Dad also means father!
The other language activities for desert unit were fun! Over the course of our cross country drive, Kylie got to do a lot of dot-to-dots at restaurants. "You don't need to read me the directions Momma. I know how to do this one already."
I loved that the math worksheets incorporated a lot of the theme board animals!
Our art block gave us this gem! The directions for this egg carton camel called for brown paint, but my darling Kylie declared brown to be boring and wanted to make a rainbow camel. I can't fault her on that ;)
I am LOVING the weather in Toronto. We get the sun. We get the rain. We get the COLD!!! As a New England girl who moved to California, I missed the seasons to much. I am so happy that my kids can now experience the joys of jumping into puddles and building snowmen. Our "Desert Dress Up" gross motor activity fell on a lovely Canadian morning that was just above freezing. How fitting! I laid out a variety of clothes and told Kylie she needed to get dressed for a hot trip to the desert. I think she put together a nice outfit :)
This is the face of a girl who was just told that the dung beetle eats its own poop!
We finished off this unit by adding a new page to our notebook showing us where deserts can be found in the world.



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