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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the chef themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Community Helpers Unit.

Preschool Community Helpers: Chef Theme

age 3-4 chef community helpers exploring our community May 28, 2021

Get cooking with this fun and engaging unit on chefs. Your child will learn about what chefs do through our daily vocabulary cards and engage in chef and restaurant-themed activities.  Our dramatic play printables include a menu and tablecloth for your and your little ones to play restaurant.  In addition to the three language and math daily warmups, you'll do three additional math activities and five additional language activities.  The science experiment that you'll do this week is a sink versus float where your little one will practice making predictions and complete two more pages for his or her science notebook.  Three gross motor activities keep your little ones active, too.  Enjoy!

I have been waiting so long for this lesson! Before I became a Mom, I was a baker in Los Angeles. And even before that, I was a baker in Boston!
"Oh! We have those cookbooks!"
Munchie match had an added twist of needing Kylie to look over the whole sheet before making an answer. "Is this a muffin or a cupcake? It can't be a cupcake because the cookies took the C. Its a muffin."
We added 'it' to our growing list of sight words this week.
This week in The Keys To Reading Town, Kylie built CVC U words. She was also very distracted by the robins in our front yard!
"That toonie was too heavy!" We had lots of fun with the science experiment this week! The surprise sinker for this exercise was a little pony action figure. It was so tiny and light!
What's better than veggie math? Veggie math that involves scissors and glue!
Playing restaurant has been a favorite activity for quite some time. These posters were a nice addition to our downstairs restaurant called "Sweet Saunders."
We rounded out our week with a recipe from Pretend Soup. Homeschooling and cooking are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.

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