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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the brown themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Colors Unit.

Preschool Colors: Brown Theme

age 2-3 brown colors preschool Feb 17, 2021

Nature, bears, dogs, woodchucks... These are just a smattering of the characters you'll see across this week's Brown themed activities!  You'll enjoy nature walks and sensory activities and practice letters, words, prepositions and numbers using the theme of Brown throughout the week.  We think you'll really enjoy this unit! 

Humble brag, but I think this is my best manipulative shelf yet!
Porter was all about the letter sounds tubs this week. Remember everyone; progress over perfection! Porter has not been into the letter sound tub the last few weeks, so I haven't been forcing the issue. This week, he saw me cutting them up and said "Oh! Lemon!" So I dropped the scissors and started playing since he became suddenly engaged.
We went on a scavenger hunt in the back yard to make our brown sensory bin.
This unit is filled with super cute and fun read aloud stories, but this one is my favorite of the week!
We are on a big colouring kick right now!

Help Mr. Squirrel draw a lone from the number to the proper quantity of nuts!
A household favorite activity!
**Home CEO Hack** Once your little one is done with colouring in the 7s, ask them to colour all the 6s a different colour! This is a great chance to review numbers and colour recognition!

Play doh time is always fun!
Intro to graphing with this fun "Brown Bear Race" roll and record activty!

Goodbye, Brown week!  We had a lot of fun!  Do you want to join in on the fun? 
Click here to purchase the complete year or try a full week for FREE (click here to get Week 1: Red for Free)!  Come back next week and see everything we do with next week's color... Black!

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