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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the cows themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Animals Unit.

Preschool Animals: Cows Theme

age 2-3 animals cows preschool Mar 16, 2021

Moooooooooove on over and settle in for this Cow unit full of book suggestions, activities and more. Enjoy!
This is our new favorite circle time song!  I lost track of how many times we sang this over the past week.
This song made a great transition to this sorting activity! 
"No Mommy, cherries don't come from cows.  They come from trees." -Porter, 3 1/2
I remember when Porter started our program over a year ago and could only put pom poms on clip cards like these.  Now he's tracing the letters!
 Our snack activity for our cows unit was to make your own butter.  I'm going to be honest with you here, homemade butter is life changing!  I may never spread anything other than it on my toast again!  It was quite an arm workout for the kids and I too.
"I bet this cow is very soft," said Porter while he colored.
  This is a sweet story of a farmer and the special relationship with his cow.  It was too stinkin' cute!
Porter's spots were a bit more like freckles, but he got the point!
"E is for Christmas tree"  Sorry buddy, not exactly!
We love I-Spy books in our house.  This worksheet did not disappoint!  Since we are wrapping up our animal quarter, this was also a great review of animal names.


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