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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the cats themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Animals Unit.

Preschool Animals: Cats Theme

age 2-3 animals cats preschool Mar 09, 2021

Cat lovers unite!  Enjoy everything feline in this unit full of book suggestions, activities and more.  We continue our language sequence with S, T and U this week. Enjoy!


Cat flashcards, cat song, and a stuffy cat! We are ready to learn all about cats this week!
S, T, and U were our focus letters this week.
True story...Porter placed all but the pig on this letter S sorting sheet and looked up at me and said "Is this a pig or a swine?' I guess Cap'n Turbot's awesome alliteration acumen has rubbed off on my son!
This week was all about the number 15! We reviewed tally marks, base ten blocks, and put 15 pieces of cat food in Whiskers bowl.
The #poetryteatime tag is very popular on Instagram, but I'd like to start a #snackandastory trend! Kitten's First Full Moon has been a staple on our bookshelf for almost 4 years.
We worked on lot of tracing this week and I'm so proud of my little man! He traced triangles and C's all on his own, but has no interest when I asked him to write his own. Sigh :/ You win some, you lose some; but that's still a lot of progress!
No unit about cats is complete without some mice!
Meet Barky, our new paper cat! He spent a lovely 3 hours in our house until Porter thought he wanted a drink of milk and got very soggy :(
Full disclosure...I printed out a few extras of these cat coloring pages for myself to do once the kids were asleep!


Goodbye, Cats week!  We had a lot of fun!  Do you want to join in on the fun? 
Click here to purchase the complete year or try a full week for FREE (click here to get Week 1: Red for Free)!  Come back next week and see everything we do with the next unit of Animals... Birds!

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