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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the birds themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum Animals Unit.

Preschool Animals: Birds Theme

age 2-3 animals birds preschool Mar 10, 2021

Enjoy everything avian in this unit full of book suggestions, activities and more. We continue our language sequence with V, W, and X this week. Enjoy!
I love starting each new unit with our coloring book. It makes a great addition to our theme shelf, and Porter loves going back and flipping through it.
This little song has been on heavy rotation for almost 6 years in our house!
"B is for birds, blueberries, broccoli, and band aids."- Porter, 3 1/2
One of this weeks funny phonics books introduced us to the Vase family that was going on vacation in Venice. This was a perfect segway for a mini geography lesson!
The weather has been crazy in Toronto this week. First it rains for 3 days, then its sweatshirt weather for 2 days, then its snow pants weather. What the hey?!?!? Either way, we have got spring on the brain with these photo realistic coloring pages. Lets hope we get to see a lovely Robin sooner than later in our front yard!
This week was all about the number 16!
Our math block also had Porter practicing his 1:1 correspondence with birds. He wasn't too interested in coloring this day, so we used pom poms instead!
We have all seen Build-A-Bear at the mall. This week's art project was build-a-bird!
Who knew a $2 bag of feathers from the craft store would be so much fun? Certainly not me! After we built a bird, we made a nest out of a mixing bowl and dug around for golf ball eggs!
Do you teach scissor safety along with cutting skills? Porter graduated to blunt tipped scissors, so we practiced the proper way to walk, carry, and pass scissors this week
One of our suggested books for this week was Counting Crows by Kathi Appelt. It was such a fun read! My love for 90's pop rock drew me to the title, but the rhymes and big eyed birds in bright sweaters kept Porter turning the pages.


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