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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the nose and sense of smell themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum All About Me Unit.

Preschool All About Me: Nose (Sense of Smell) Theme

age 2-3 all about me nose preschool senses smell Mar 22, 2021

From fresh flowers to stinky socks, we use our sense of smell every day!  Explore a variety of early learning skills in this nose-themed packet.  Enjoy!
This week was all about noses and our sense of smell. Porter continued his work with 1:1 correspondence with this stinking counting worksheet.
After such an unpleasant smelling themed worksheet, we freshened up the air with this cookie 20 frame activity.
Our play-doh mats are my go to quiet time activity.
Sensory tracing is Porter's new favorite activity! He reluctantly uses a marker to try and write letters, but he could trace in a salt tray all day!
We luckily just watched an Octonauts episode with an elephant seal, or I would have been really confused!
We are a big fan of memory match games in our house. Whether its Dory, Avengers, or the senses- we love them all!
We are also a big fan of any type disguise! Whether its a wig, a cape, or a bunny nose mask- we love them all!
Porter insisted on a taking a walk around the house (and outside!) to correctly what smelled and what didn't.
The ABC coloring pages this week were quite fitting for a unit about smelling!

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