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Compilation of images depicting pages and activities in the eyes and sense of sight themed week of the Home CEO Academy preschool homeschool curriculum All About Me Unit.

Preschool All About Me: Eyes (Sense of Sight) Theme

age 2-3 all about me eyes preschool senses sight Mar 17, 2021

In Week 30 - Eyes, we continue our All About Me activities with fun math and literacy activities and more!  Enjoy!
Our theme shelf this week had many things used to aid your vision, a creepy eyeball bouncy ball from the Halloween store, and the only stuffy in our collection with glasses... Gerald the elephant!
This wake up, warm up activity requires your little one with carefully inspect a few tiny objects they are presented with. Ask them to close their eyes and then take one away! Have them inspect the row of objects to figure out which you took away.
Long before kids, I used to volunteer at the Perkins School For The Blind in Boston. I helped teach the baking class. The children would make cookies, rice krispie squares, and parfaits for the school cafeteria. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. This week, I introduced Porter to the fact that some people can't read like he does. He really enjoyed repositioning the eggs to for new letters and even said "This is a really cool way to make letters."
Porter's number maze this week had some fun distractions, but he stayed on course!
Do you follow us on Instagram? Check out the funny video I posted of Porter doing this close up activity. Clearly, he is a city kid and I need to schedule a farm field trip!
I can hear Porter saying "down, across, across, across, E!" whenever I look at this picture.
This week in our editable name bonus files, you get to make door hangers!
Does anyone in your family wear glasses? My husband does. I presented this worksheet by saying "If Daddy doesn't wear his glasses, he sees the numbers like this (pointing to the blurry number). Can you trace those numbers?"
Egg carton eye masks are the craft project this week! Does your little one have a favorite embellishment during art time? We are #teamglitter!





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